247Garden 7-Gallon Aeration Black Fabric Pot/Plant Grow Bag w/Short Purple Handles (Black 12H x 13D)

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Introducing the 247Garden 7-Gallon Aeration Black Fabric Pot with Short Purple Handles. Carefully crafted to meet the needs of avid gardeners, this fabric pot is designed to create an optimal growing environment for your plants. With a generous height of 12 inches and a diameter of 13 inches, it provides ample space for robust root development and flourishing plant growth.

Constructed with high-quality 260GSM (grams per square meter) fabric, this fabric pot is built to withstand the rigors of gardening. The durable fabric is resistant to tears and fraying, ensuring its longevity and reliability season after season. Its sleek black color not only adds a touch of elegance but also absorbs and retains heat, creating a warm and nurturing environment for your plants.

Featuring short purple handles, this fabric pot combines functionality with style. The handles are designed for easy lifting and transportation, making it convenient to move your plants as needed. Reinforced stitching ensures the handles can withstand the weight of the pot and its contents, providing stability and support during handling.

Safety and environmental consciousness are top priorities with the 247Garden 7-Gallon Aeration Black Fabric Pot. It is made from all-new materials, guaranteeing that no recycled or repurposed materials are used in its construction. Furthermore, it contains no toxic substances, ensuring a safe and healthy environment for your plants to thrive. The pot is also BPA-free, allowing you to grow your favorite herbs, vegetables, flowers, or other plants with peace of mind.

Thanks to its exceptional aeration capabilities, this fabric pot promotes optimal root health. The breathable fabric allows for proper air circulation, preventing waterlogged roots and suffocation. This results in improved nutrient absorption, vigorous root growth, and overall healthier and more productive plants. The aeration properties also help regulate the temperature of the root zone, preventing overheating during hot summer months.

The 247Garden 7-Gallon Aeration Black Fabric Pot with Short Purple Handles is suitable for a wide range of plants. Here are some examples of plants that thrive in this pot size: large vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, beans, and cucumbers, herbs like rosemary, lavender, and sage, flowering plants such as sunflowers, cosmos, and zinnias, and small fruit trees or shrubs. Also 247Garden favorites like bokchoy, chinese brocolli, taishan cauliflowers, asian kohlrabi, japanese wasabi and more!

In terms of soil capacity, the 7-gallon fabric pot can hold approximately 0.98 cubic feet or 28 liters of soil. This generous capacity allows for ample root space and provides sufficient room for optimal nutrient absorption, promoting healthy and vigorous plant development.

In summary, the 247Garden 7-Gallon Aeration Black Fabric Pot with Short Purple Handles is a reliable and practical gardening accessory. With its durable 260GSM fabric, convenient handles, and exceptional aeration properties, it offers an ideal growing environment for your plants. The use of all-new materials, absence of toxic substances, and BPA-free composition ensure a safe and eco-friendly gardening experience. Elevate your gardening endeavors with the 247Garden 7-Gallon Aeration Black Fabric Pot with Short Purple Handles and witness the impressive growth of your plants.

More Information
Shipping Weight 0.321400
Case Qty 140
Free Shipping Items No
Country of Manufacture China
Color Black
Pot Size (Gallon) 7
Condition New
Pot Diameter 13
Height 12
Soil Capacity in CuFT 0.93
Brand 247Garden
Materials 260GSM Nonwoven fabric made with new polyester and polypropylene
Pot Thickness 260GSM Fabric
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