Green onions grown in a 247Garden 7-Gallon Fabric Pot

Green onions are easy to grow and not only do they have a lot of health benefit but they bring out the best in almost all the food. In a way it's an acquired taste because it does seem like not everyone likes green onion but guess what? Have you ever tried green onion pancakes? If not, you should definitely try!

Here's some health benefit of green onions

  • Good for people with diabetes
  • Good for people with high cholesterol since green onions help lower it
  • Good for people with low immunity since green onions is like a super boost for immunity
  • Good to keep your intestines clean to give you a healthy life healthy mind
  • Good to prevent cancer, supposely. Well, it should be right?
  • Good against inflammation
  • Good for the heart
  • Good for the mind
  • Good for the body
  • Good for your family
  • Good for almost everything