247Garden 8X10" Aeration Seedling Pot/Nursery Fabric Plant Grow Bag/Cover/Filter (40GSM Non-Woven BPA-Free ~8.5H X 5D, 0.70-Gallon)

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The 247Garden 8X10" Aeration Seedling Pot is a must-have for every gardening enthusiast. Designed with precision and care, this nursery fabric plant grow bag offers a superior growing environment for your precious seedlings. With a size of approximately 8.5 inches in height and 5 inches in diameter, and a capacity of 0.70 gallons, it provides ample space for your baby plants to flourish.

Feature 1: Aeration Design Crafted from high-quality 40GSM non-woven fabric, the 247Garden Seedling Pot is designed with superior aeration capabilities. The breathable fabric allows for excellent airflow to reach the roots, preventing the risk of root circling and promoting healthy root structure and development. The enhanced aeration leads to increased nutrient absorption and overall plant vigor.

Benefit: Healthy and Vibrant Plants The aeration design of the seedling pot creates an optimal root environment, allowing your seedlings to thrive. The improved oxygen exchange prevents root suffocation and waterlogging, resulting in healthier and more vibrant plants. Your seedlings will grow with strong root systems, ensuring their long-term health and resilience.

Feature 2: BPA-Free and Environmentally Friendly The 247Garden Seedling Pot is crafted from BPA-free materials, guaranteeing a safe and non-toxic environment for your plants. 

Benefit: Safe and Sustainable Cultivation By utilizing BPA-free materials, the 247Garden Seedling Pot ensures the well-being of your plants. The absence of harmful chemicals eliminates the risk of chemical leaching and potential damage to your seedlings. 

Feature 3: Affordability and Practical Use The 247Garden Seedling Pot offers exceptional value for its price. Its affordability makes it an ideal choice for nursery growers, commercial growers, farmers, and cultivation experts. The practical design and size (approximately 8.5 inches in height and 5 inches in diameter) provide ample space for seedlings while allowing for easy handling and transportation.

Benefit: Cost-Effective Cultivation The affordability of the 247Garden Seedling Pot enables growers to optimize their expenses without compromising on quality. These pots offer long-lasting durability, making them a cost-effective investment for both small-scale and large-scale cultivation. By choosing these pots, you can maximize your yield while minimizing your expenses.

In summary: The 247Garden 8X10" 40GSM Aeration Fabric Pot is a BPA-FREE, multipurpose and cost-efficient product that can be used for: 1) Growing your favorite plants; 2) As a cover to protect your sweet baby plants and fruits from harmful insects and hungry birds; 3)Filtering out some dirty water and nasty air dust. It is of course ideal for nursery business and commercial growers and generally great for home and community gardeners alike. And if this size don't fit your needs, we have many other sizes for you to choose from. Finally, if you have trouble finding what you need from us, you are always welcome to give us a friendly call or send us an email. We look forward to developing a good business relationship with all of our customers because your success will be our success.

Whether you are a nursery grower, commercial grower, farmer, or cultivation expert, the 247Garden 8X10" Aeration Seedling Pot is an essential tool for your horticultural endeavors. From its exceptional aeration design and BPA-free construction to its affordability and practical use, this seedling grow bag caters to the needs of all plant enthusiasts. Enhance your cultivation practices with the 247Garden Seedling Pot and witness the remarkable growth and vitality of your plants.


More Information
Shipping Weight 0.016100
Country of Manufacture China
Color White
Pot Diameter 5
Height 8.5
Condition New
Brand 247Garden
Materials 40GSM Nonwoven fabric made with new polyester and polypropylene
Seedling Pot Size 8X10"
Pot Type Seedling
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