247Garden 1/4-Gallon Transplanter Fabric Pot w/Velcro Closure & Short Green Handles (Black 5H x 4D)

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Introducing the 247Garden 1/4-Gallon Transplanter Fabric Pot with Velcro Closure & Short Green Handles (Black 5H x 4D), the perfect solution for all your planting needs. This innovative fabric pot is designed to provide an ideal environment for your plants, ensuring healthier growth and higher yields like never before.

247Garden 1/4-Gallon Transplanter Fabric Pot w/Velcro Closure & Short Green Handles (Black 5H x 4D)

The Velcro enclosure featured in this pot makes transplanting a breeze. Say goodbye to the hassle of removing plants from traditional pots. With the easy-to-use Velcro closure, you can effortlessly transplant your plants without causing any stress or damage to their delicate roots.

247Garden 1/4-Gallon Transplanter Fabric Pot w/Velcro Closure & Short Green Handles (Black 5H x 4D)

Crafted from high-quality fabric, this pot allows roots to breathe and grow freely throughout the day, promoting optimal health and growth. Unlike traditional plastic pots, the breathable fabric prevents root circling, ensuring your plants develop a strong and well-structured root system, leading to a longer-lasting and more vibrant plant life.

The benefits of the 247Garden Transplanter Fabric Pot extend beyond root health. This pot acts as a natural insulator, keeping your plants warmer during winter and cooler in the scorching summer months. You no longer need to worry about sudden temperature changes negatively affecting your plants' well-being.

Watering your plants becomes effortless with this fabric pot. The breathable material allows for proper drainage, preventing overwatering and reducing the risk of drowning your precious plants. Just make sure not to let it go completely dry, as regular watering is still necessary to maintain optimal plant health.

At 247Garden, we prioritize your safety and the environment. That's why our Transplanter Fabric Pot is BPA-free and crafted from high-quality, new raw materials. We use no harmful recycling materials, ensuring the safety of your plants and the planet.

This pot is versatile and suitable for various types of plants. Whether you're looking to grow a beautiful bushy plant or a stunning tree, this fabric pot will provide the perfect environment for their growth. It's particularly ideal for tomatoes, potatoes, and a wide range of edible vegetables, allowing you to enjoy a bountiful harvest.

The 247Garden 1/4-Gallon Transplanter Fabric Pot is designed with dimensions of 4" in diameter and 5" in height, offering ample space for your plants to thrive and flourish. The short green handles add a touch of convenience, allowing for easy transportation and repositioning of your potted plants.

Take your gardening experience to new heights with the 247Garden 1/4-Gallon Transplanter Fabric Pot with Velcro Closure & Short Green Handles. Provide your plants with the optimal growing conditions they deserve, and witness the remarkable difference it makes in their health and productivity.


  • Velcro enclosure for easy transplant
  • Fabric pot allows roots to breathe and grow healthier all day and everyday.
  • Ultimately boosts plant growth and yields like never before.
  • Greatly decreased the risk of any transplant shock.
  • Helps create an improved overall root structure for a long lasting life.
  • Prevents roots from circling to its death which is never good.
  • Keeps plant warmer in winter and cooler in the summer.
  • Never worry about drowing your plant. Just make sure you don't let it go completely dry.
  • BPA-Free.  Made with high quality new raw material (No harmful recycling material). 
  • Ideal for growing a nice bushy plant or a nice looking tree for yourself or your love ones. Great for tomatoes and potatoes and all kinds of edible veges!
  • Pot Dimension : 4" Diameter 5" Height
More Information
Shipping Weight 0.056250
Free Shipping Items No
Country of Manufacture China
Color Black
Pot Size (Gallon) 1/4
GTIN 818927021844
Condition New
Pot Type Transplanter
Pot Diameter 4
Height 5
Soil Capacity in CuFT 0.03
Brand 247Garden
Materials 260GSM Nonwoven fabric made with new polyester and polypropylene
Pot Thickness 260GSM Fabric
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