Example of a PEX-B PEX x Female Sweat Adapter Brass Fitting from 247Garden

In plumbing terminology, a PEX sweat adapter refers to a fitting used in PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) piping systems. PEX is a flexible and durable material commonly used for water supply lines. The terms "female" and "male" in the context of PEX sweat adapters refer to the type of connections each adapter has.

  1. Female PEX Sweat Adapter:
    • The female sweat adapter slides over a copper pipe.
  2. Male PEX Sweat Adapter:
    • The male sweat adapter slides into a copper pipe.

In a PEX sweat connection, "sweat" refers to the method of connecting pipes through soldering or brazing. It involves heating the joint and applying solder to create a secure and watertight connection.

When working with PEX sweat adapters, it's important to ensure compatibility with the existing plumbing components and to follow proper installation techniques to maintain a leak-free and reliable plumbing system. Always refer to the manufacturer's guidelines and local plumbing codes when working with PEX fittings and connections. If you are a HVAC/plumbing business and need some good discounts on our PEX fittins, feel free to give us a call 323-318-2600 to talk some business! Thank you