247Garden Basic Tall Fabric Pots/Aeration Planters Grow Bags 200GSM Black Featuring Adjustable-Size 1-7 Gallon

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247Garden 1-Gallon Basic Fabric Tall Plant Grow Bag 200GSM Black 9H x 6D

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247Garden 2-Gallon Basic Fabric Tall Palnt Grow Bag 200GSM Black 12H x 7D

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247Garden 3-Gallon Basic Fabric Tall Plant Grow Bag 200GSM Black 12.5H x 8.5D

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247Garden 5-Gallon Basic Fabric Tall Plant Grow Bag 200GSM Black 15H x 10D

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247Garden 7-Gallon Basic Fabric Tall Plant Grow Bag 200GSM Black 17H x 11D

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Introducing the 247Garden Basic Fabric Tall Planters Grow Bags, available in a range of sizes, to become your essential companion for cultivating healthy and thriving plants with ease. The basic tall series of grow bag is thoughtfully designed to provide the ideal environment for your plants to flourish, whether you're a seasoned gardener or just starting your green thumb journey, to be totally affordable and economical for your passion and your business. 

Key Features:

1. Premium Quality 200GSM Fabric Construction: The 247Garden Basic Fabric Tall Plant Grow Bag is constructed from toxic-free 200GSM (grams per square meter) black fabric material. It is durable and built to withstand the rigors of outdoor gardening and to be the perfect size for indoor growers.

2. Generous Size: With a range of sizes to select from, our tall grow bag provides ample space for your plants to develop deep and healthy root systems. It's the perfect size for a variety of plants, from herbs and flowers to vegetables and small shrubs, both recommended for indoor and outdoor growing.

3. Superior Drainage: The fabric construction of this grow bag ensures excellent drainage, preventing waterlogged soil and root rot. This feature is crucial for maintaining optimal moisture levels and oxygenating the roots, resulting in healthier and more vigorous plants.

4. Promotes Air Pruning: The breathable fabric allows air to permeate the walls of the grow bag, promoting air pruning of the roots. This natural process encourages the roots to branch out and prevents them from becoming root-bound, leading to stronger and more resilient plants.

5. Versatility: The tall grow bags are versatile for various gardening applications. Use it for container gardening on your patio, balcony, or in your garden beds. It's also an excellent choice for starting seedlings or transplanting young plants.

6. Easy to Use: The 247Garden Grow Bag is user-friendly and requires no complex assembly. Simply fill it with your preferred potting mix, plant your seeds or seedlings, and watch them thrive. You can even adjust the height of the pot!

7. Eco-Friendly and Safe: Our grow bag is crafted with 100% new raw material that is free from toxic chemicals and BPA, ensuring the safety of your plants and the environment. You can have peace of mind knowing that your gardening practices are eco-conscious.

8. Reusable and Durable: These tall grow bags are built to last season after season. They're not only eco-friendly but also a cost-effective alternative to traditional plastic pots. When the growing season is over, simply empty, clean, and store them for future use.

9. Space-Saving Design: The tall and slender shape of the grow bag optimizes space, making it suitable for small gardening spaces or for creating a neat and organized garden setup.

10. Adjustable Height: Because of the simple design, the 247Garden Basic Tall Fabric Pots are adjustable. Basically you can just fold down the height of the pots to your liking. So for example, you can easily convert a 2-gallon tall size to 1-gallon standard size pot. Your imagination is your world!

Whether you're an urban gardener, a homesteader, or a passionate plant enthusiast, the 247Garden Basic Fabric Tall Plant Grow Bags is a must-have addition to your gardening toolkit. Its premium quality, thoughtful design, and eco-friendly materials will help you cultivate vibrant, healthy plants while minimizing your environmental footprint. Elevate your gardening experience with 247Garden, where quality and sustainability meet.

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